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 Omerta Online Gangster Ol

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MesajKonu: Omerta Online Gangster Ol   Ptsi Ara. 06, 2010 11:59 pm

Gangster Ol

Omerta Dunyasinda Gangster ol.

Oyuncu olmayi mi dusunuyorsun? Got what it takes to live by the game? The Mafia are recruiting and so long as you're free they would love it if you join the Mafia!

Gangs and gangsters are tough cookies and you will need wits and strategy to play the game. To become a mafiosi is not a simple task... if you want to climb to the top, to become Capo di tutti capi � the boss of all bosses, the head of the Italian Mafia then you will need nerves of steel and the diplomacy skills of a statesman.

Omerta is an online Mafia game like no other. You begin as an 'empty-suit' and progress through the ranks to the very top, (that's if the other gangsters, thugs and smug-a-lugs don't ice you first).

Lets get started!

Steal yourself a nice shiny new Cadillac, start shipping some bootleg booze and get some buddies together to rob the local bank... a life of organized crime can be a rewarding career! Not satisfied with a little ordinary mafiosi activity? Ok, lets take a look at the hit list and see who has been marked for a visit by an assassin, to 'sleep with the fishes'. If killing doesn't thrill you enough you can deal drugs or commit crimes to your heart's content. You work hard enough, then you will be boss one day!

This MMORPG � massively multiplayer online role-playing game is the best Gangster game on the Internet, combining strategy, gangs and gangsters, mobs, hoods and mobsters from piciotto to Godfather. You can play for free, to your hearts content in an intense world of 1930's alcohol prohibition, so far removed from today's world of Gangstaz, hoodz and Gs' with their AK's and Uzi's. Instead this is a world of gentleman killers and dark chivalry, where honour and homage are as important as violence and dastardly schemes.

Free your buddies from prison in a jail-bustout andget together to pull a heist on route 66. Maybe if you're lucky you'll stop the truck with the takings from the local casino... but then if you are unlucky it could be anything... the local Hell's Angels or a horny little old lady out cruising in a rusty jalopy.

Find out [Linkleri görebilmek için üye olun veya giriş yapın.] by registering. Oynamak ucretsizdir!

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Omerta Online Gangster Ol
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