Pvp server 1299,Koxp,Metin2,Mt2,Tanıtım,Hile,Paylaşım,2018

Pvp server 1299,Koxp,Metin2,Mt2,Tanıtım,Hile,Paylaşım,Hack, ,Acme,saoc,Knightonline,Myko,Çinko,Tbl,2018
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MesajKonu: A useful guide   Çarş. Ağus. 03, 2011 5:19 am

Hello. Originally posted by tammy2: Unfortunately the episodes on this one can't be re-authored as it is all under "Title 1", so I can't see a way to separate to 2 Discs.CAN YOU HELPIf you don't care about keeping menus, you can easily separate a movie to 2 discs using DVD Shrink. You just choose "Reauthor" and then use the Start/End function to split the movie in half. Not with this particular title though, it would be a waste of space.You can just cut out junk from the begining(logos and stuff), and the end credits. 27 Jan 2008 @ 1:46 Piss me off, and I Will ignore You!
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A useful guide
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